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Introducing N1H Cloud

Welcome to N1H Cloud, a user-friendly web platform for analyzing nanopore sequencing data from microorganisms. It is designed to serve professionals in basic research, clinical, and industrial portfolios.

N1H Cloud provides an array of essential services, including:

  1. Whole Genome Analysis for microorganisms (WGS): Genome recovery of microorganisms through genome assembly, genome correction, refinement, and annotation.

    Includes the identification of structural variants or copy number variation (CNV) in protozoa, such as Leishmania (LeishGenApp).

  2. Drug Resistance Prediction: This approach aims to identify drug resistance biomarkers of commonly used drugs and compounds through similarity database search and model prediction, aiding in informed therapeutic strategies for clinical or industrial purposes.

    • Drug resistance in Leishmania infantum (LeishGenApp)

    • Antibiotic resistance (AMR) [under development]

  3. Microbiome Profiling (16S): Full-length microbiome gene marker analysis of the 16S rRNA gene (> 1.4 kb) provides precise genus and species identification of complex microbial communities.

  4. Metagenomic Annotation: Undirected, agnostic identification and classification of microorganisms in complex samples, unveiling their functional potential and taxonomic diversity.

    • PIP (Pathogen Identification Platform) uses metagenomic algorithms to identify a list of possible pathogens in a complex clinical sample.

  5. Beyond the analytical proficiency, N1H Cloud offers comprehensive and detailed reports, bridging the gap between complex bioinformatic analyses and professionals. Data security is paramount, ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of user information.

    Furthermore, N1H Cloud allows the hosting of private and tailored data production pipelines to accommodate specific needs. Whether large-scale data processing or specialized analytical approaches, pipeline customization or development is available upon request and made available through N1H Cloud, all while preserving user privacy.

    Embrace precision and efficiency in microorganism analysis with N1H Cloud, where scientific rigor meets technological innovation.