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Nano1Health presents preliminary results on drug-resistance biomarkers in Leishmania infantum.

The team of Nano1Health presents their preliminary results on discovery and reporting of drug-resistance biomarkers in Leishmania infantum through Nanopore sequencing at the London Calling 2022 conference, in London (UK).


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We were happy to share the latest advances on Leishmania infantum biomarker research at the London Calling 2022 conference from Oxford Nanopore Technologies! We used Nanopore sequencing to identify and study structural variants in the Leishmania infantum genome to detect differences in copy number of genes related to virulence and drug resistance.

The objective of the project is the development of an agile and straightforward platform that allows sequencing Leishmania infantum genome and must help to:

  1. The search and identification of biomarkers of pathogenicity and resistance to pharmacological treatment in Leishmania infantum for veterinary clinicians and companies in the biomedical and pharmaceutical sectors.

  2. Carrying out molecular epidemiology studies to compare Leishmania infantum strains of dogs, main reservoir around the world, and human origin.

What we need?

Leishmania infantum isolates (minimum 5*10E7 promastigotes or amastigotes)

Leishmania infantum High Molecular Weight DNA (minimum 2 ug DNA – get in touch for the recommended DNA extraction method)


Joining an international consortium for the improved diagnostics of Leishmania infantum biomarkers for pathogenicity and drug-resistance

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